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SRFN : Newsletter : Number 42, Winter-Spring 2004

SRFN News 42

SRFN News 42: cover Newsletter 42 is now available for download in .PDF format. In order to view this, you will need an application such as Adobe Acrobat Reader; if you don't already have it, it's available free of charge from all sorts of places; for example:

Adobe.co.uk   (UK)

Adobe.com   (USA)

...and so on.

A single left-click to the link below will open the file; if you prefer the quicker option of downloading directly to your computer, right-click on the link, and choose Save Link As (Netscape) or Save Target As (Internet Explorer).

Click Here for Newsletter #42

Since Malcolm Douglas took over from Paul Davenport as editor, we've had to produce the newsletter via a rather unwieldy procedure; our printers needed to work from film, and our repro house was only able to produce film from Quark files made on a Mac. Malcolm works on PC; so Raymond Greenoaken (the original editor, and currently editor of Stirrings among other things) has kindly been reproducing Malcolm's content and basic layouts in Quark on his Mac. This meant, though, that the whole process took much longer than was desirable, as much of the work had, in effect, to be done twice. An increasing number of printers, however, are now geared up to work from pdf files, which are platform-independent, and as of edition 42 we have moved to Northend of Sheffield. Our editor can now produce files that can go direct to the printer, which will save both time and money; and will ensure that pdf versions of the newsletter can be made available here at the same time as the print edition goes out.

We'd like to take this opportunity of thanking Raymond for helping us out over the past two years; without him we would have been pretty much up the creek. Our thanks also to Trimac, who have handled repro for us for some years now, and to our excellent former printers, Sheffield Printing Centre Ltd. We part company with them only because developments in technology present us with the opportunity of adopting a new and, for our particular situation, much more efficient workflow.

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