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SRFN : Newsletter : Number 41, Autumn-Winter 2003-4

SRFN News 41

SRFN News 42: cover Newsletter 41 is now available for download in .PDF format. In order to view this, you will need an application such as Adobe Acrobat Reader; if you don't already have it, it's available free of charge from all sorts of places; for example:

Adobe.co.uk   (UK)

Adobe.com   (USA)

...and so on.

A single left-click to the link below will open the file; if you prefer the quicker option of downloading directly to your computer, right-click on the link, and choose Save Link As (Netscape) or Save Target As (Internet Explorer).

Click Here for Newsletter #41

For the last year we've been unable to produce pdfs from our print files due to an annoying font-substitution issue involving Quark and Acrobat operating on Mac platform; the cause was never identified. The pdf here was produced entirely on PC using different software which behaves as it ought; it is not precisely the layout which appeared in print. Future editions will be exported directly to pdf from the original files and posted to the website at the same time as the print version is circulated.

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