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SRFN: Newsletter: No. 24 Autumn 1999

Cover of SRFN News 24 A selection of articles from the print edition.

Musicians' Union embraces Folk
Ian Smith, Organiser of the MU's Folk, Roots and Trad Section, gives us the low-down.
School Rôle Call for Folk


Rosie Huzzard on liking folk music when you're twelve...
Dance-Outs: where to see traditional dance in the area.

Three Horseshoes in the Wind
Doncaster's Siggy Fretwell on festivals.

Dave Herron's Chapbook: essential songbooks.

A Call to Youth
SRFN Chair Pete Smith on Morris for the young and not-so-young.

Folk Factory 1999: workshops at Kelham Island.


Social Dance Calling: part two.
A Call to All Young People in the Run Up to the Millennium

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