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SRFN: Newsletter: No. 23 Summer 1999

Cover of Volume 23 SRFN News, our quarterly newsletter, is freely available in local libraries, or directly from ourselves (request a copy of the latest newsletter). It contains a wide variety of topical comment and articles, as well as up-to-date listings of events for the quarter.

As of Issue number 24, the Newsletter is also available in condensed form on the Web. As time permits, so back issues will also be uploaded, thereby providing a unique history of the folk arts in our region.

If you have any news or views that you feel should be included in the newsletter, or if you want to advertise some product or service in this foremost of regional Folk Arts publications, please contact the editor, Paul Davenport. Thank you!

We hope, amongst other things, to use this site to store longer items that would normally have to be cut down before they could be included as printed articles, and to install bulletin boards to allow online debate about articles contained in the newsletter. In this way, the site will serve both as a regional online news site, and also as the hub for continued debate about topics raised both here and in the quarterly Newsletter itself.


Social Dance Calling, Part One.

UPDATE: As of issue number 32, newsletters are available online in pdf format, for viewing or download. As of Issue 34 (Winter 2002), the editor is Malcolm Douglas.

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