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The bibliography included in the original Penguin edition of 1959 was seriously out of date by the time Classic English Folk Songs was produced in 2003, and it is the only part of the book that was not retained. Instead, David Atkinson compiled a new, far more comprehensive bibliography. For the sake of completeness, however, it is worth including the original here. Most of the books cited are long out of print and hard to find, but a few have been reprinted in recent years and are available; links are provided to relevant publishers in those cases.

Books to read

Fox-Strangeways, A H and Karpeles, Maud   Cecil Sharp (2nd edition). London (OUP), 1955.
Lloyd, A L   The Singing Englishman: An Introduction to Folksong. London (Workers' Music Association), nd [1944].
[An html transcription of the 1951 reprint can be seen at the Musical Traditions website:]
Nettel, Reginald   Sing a Song of England: A Social History of Traditional Song. London (Phoenix House), 1954.
Reeves, James   The Idiom of the People: English Traditional Verse from the Manuscripts of Cecil J Sharp. London (Heinemann), 1958.
Sharp, Cecil James   English Folk Songs: Some Conclusions (3rd edition). London (Methuen), 1954.
Wells, Evelyn K   The Ballad Tree: A Study of British and American Ballads, Their Folklore, Verse, and Music. London (Methuen), 1950.
Also relevant, particularly for the chapter on 'Our Songs and their Folklore':
Alford, Violet   Introduction to English Folklore. London (Bell), 1952.

Books to refer to

Bronson, Bertrand H   The Traditional Tunes of the Child Ballads, Vol 1. Princeton, NJ (University Press), 1959.
Child, Francis James   English and Scottish Popular Ballads (reprinted in three vols). New York (Folklore Press), 1957.
[Currently available from:
Dover Publications: facsimile of the five-volume edition of 1882-1884; paperbacks.
Loomis House Press: new edition of the same, re-set with the additional material originally included in appendices placed in the appropriate main sections, and tunes for the specific texts added where these are known. Paperback or hardback: five volumes, of which three have so far been issued (ongoing).
Heritage Muse: electronic edition with supplementary material. CDROM.]
Chappell, William   Popular Music of the Olden Time (2 vols) nd. (1858-9).
Dean-Smith, Margaret   A Guide to English Folk Song Collections, 1822-1952, with an Index to their Contents, Historical Annotations, and an Introduction. Liverpool (University Press), 1954.
  Journal of the Folk Song Society (1899-1931).
  Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society (1932, in progress).

Folk Song collections containing useful notes or other information

Baring-Gould, S, and others   A Garland of Country Songs. London (Methuen), 1895.
[A facsimile paperback reprint with new introduction by Martin Graebe is available from Llanerch Press.]
Baring-Gould, S, and others   Songs of the West (revised edition). London (Methuen), 1905.
Broadwood, Lucy E   English County Songs. London (Cramer), 1893.
Broadwood, Lucy E   English Traditional Songs and Carols. London (Boosey), 1908.
Bruce, J Collingwood, and Stokoe, J   Northumbrian Minstrelsy. Newcastle Upon Tyne (Society of Antiquaries), 1882.
[A facsimile paperback reprint is available from Llanerch Press.]
Kidson, Frank   Traditional Tunes. Oxford (Taphouse), 1891.
[A facsimile paperback reprint, with a new foreword by John Francmanis, is available from Llanerch Press.]
Lloyd, A L   Come All Ye Bold Miners. Ballads and Songs of the Coalfields. London (Lawrence & Wishart), 1952.
Sharp, Cecil James   English Folk Songs (selected edition, 2 vols). London (Novello), 1916.
Sharp, Cecil James   Folk Songs from Somerset (5 series). London (Simpkin Marshall and Barnicott & Pearce), 1905-19.
Williams, Alfred   Folk Songs of the Upper Thames. London (Duckworth), 1923.
This collection contains texts only.

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