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Marrow Bones: English Folk Songs from the Hammond and Gardiner Manuscripts

Additions and corrections

Notes on the Songs

Page 134: Croppy Boy   Mrs Munday did not sing the fourth verse in the Marrow Bones set, and at the time of writing we had not located the source. In fact it came — slightly edited — from Benjamin Arnold's version, ''Twas Early, Early all in the Spring' (Gardiner H636, November 1906), which we had somehow overlooked:

My Lord Kinwall said he'd set me free
If I would tell on my comrades three.
No, sooner than tell on my comrades three
I'd sooner die on the gallows tree.

This was the second stanza of Mr Arnold's six-stanza set. 'The end of l[ine] 8', wrote Gardiner, 'sounded like "the lawkin' wall". This I changed to Lord Kinwall. Joyce [Ancient Irish Music, 62 ] has Lord Cornwall.'

Page 145: Gossip Joan  

For 'comic operas' read 'ballad operas'.

Page 168: Sheep Shearing    

We followed Cibber (The Lives of the Poets of Great Britain and Ireland, vol V part 6, 1753) in giving the date of first production of The Country Lasses as 1714. Later sources, however, specify 4 February 1715.

Page 173: Sprig of Thyme  

Some of our wording is potentially misleading. See Sprig of Thyme for details.