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Postcards from Le Puy

The two postcards here turned up in an ebay auction in November 2003. They come from a series produced by "Édition d'Art Léon Margerit, Le Puy"; quite a large series if the numbers are anything to go by. So far we don't know anything more about them. They were sent together, presumably in a covering envelope (there are no stamps or postmarks) by two people on holiday at Le Puy in Central France, to an English friend. Judging by the handwriting and the context, we might guess at a date in the 1930s or 1950s; but we'd welcome any additional information, particularly if the images should still be in copyright. Meanwhile, here they are. We won't be attempting a translation of the dialect just yet.

Qué Saÿ Venia Doun Fa

Postcard: French hurdy gurdy player and music for bourree

"As you may suppose from these cards, we are in Le Puy, in the centre of France. The little song on the back is a regional dance tune and is played on the viol * which the old man has on his lap. It makes a noise something between a violin and bagpipes and when played properly has a lot of character in it."

* French vielle or vielle à roue: the hurdy gurdy.

Staff notation: bourree: Que Say Venia Doun Fa: click to play

Mous Esclos

Postcard: Frenchman in bar and music for dialect song

"This is another regional tune played on the viol."

Staff notation: Mous Esclos: click to play

Quos à la fêire (bis) qu'akchâtèe
Mous esclos. Quant èroûnt... etc...

Doûs iars de sénïpes (ter)
Par mous esclos. Quant èroûnt... etc...



De queïn bonâs èrent (ter)
Mous esclos. Quant èroûnt... etc...

Cakchavoûnt la mèrde (ter)
Mous esclos. Quant èroûnt... etc...



Eroûnt de fraïsse (ter)
Mous esclos. Quant èroûnt... etc...

Fagiont flique flâque (ter)
Mous esclos. Quant èroûnt... etc...



Chïn sôous d'estâkchos (ter)
Par mous esclos. Quant èroûnt... etc...

Loûs espécère d'avon, d'arrière
Loûs espécère. Mous esclos. Quant... etc...

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