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Sheffield's folk orchestra for young people Telephone Cath James 0114 268 0880E-mail harleyhare@folk-network.com
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rehearsal montage


Click on the titles below to play a selection of Real Audio clips taken from our rehearsals. If you don't have the Real Audio Player installed you can get it free here.

To see some of our sheet music you can have a look at Fiddler's Maggot and The Red House.

Different instruments take the tune or harmony parts at different times in the music. Normally we play the tunes three times through each.


Albania Quick March An unusual quadrille-type tune. Wind players feature in our arrangement, recorders start off solo, flutes play a lovely harmony later.

Billy Twist Hornpipe This one is from a manuscript found in a library in the Durham area. It's a rare tune and is one of our most jaunty numbers!

Doncaster Races A jig from Paul Davenport's manuscript, first published in South Riding Tunebook 1 in 1996. It suits the fiddle particularly well.

Fiddler's Maggot Don't worry, maggot is a type of dance, not a bizarre pet! In this tune we liked the sound of a harpsichord for the keyboards bass part.

Leeds Polka Polkas are not common this far north, but here's a good one. It's from the East Yorkshire manuscript, which was compiled around 1830.

On a Bank of Flowers A lovely slow air, probably Scottish in origin. Robert Burns wrote a song to it. You can see his words here.

Trip to Meadowhall The original is a two part jig "Trip to Highgate" from The Apted Book of Country Dances. The middle section is by Paul Davenport

The Red House was written recently by Sheffield musician Ian Spafford. It's named after the pub in Sheffield where the South Riding Folk Network host a session.