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Sheffield's folk orchestra for young people Telephone Cath James 0114 268 0880E-mail harleyhare@folk-network.com
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We are open to all musicians up to 16 years old. It's an ideal chance to improve your skills of playing with others and it's got a different flavour to the more usual orchestra options.

If you're thinking of joining us but you're not quite sure, come down to a rehearsal sometime and have a look, there's no obligation. Just telephone or e-mail Cath first and she'll bring a some sheet music for you to have a look at, bring your instrument too if you'd like to try playing with us.


The experience you need so you can join in varies from instrument to instrument. But generally you need to
have a couple of years' experience on your instrument
be able to read music
be able to play in the keys of D, G, C and relative minors

The music isn't rhythmically difficult, but speed is a challenge in some of the tunes. You can see and hear some examples to make up your own mind.

Each rehearsal will cost you £2.50, although after a couple of rehearsals most people join the band. Membership costs £20 for 6 months or £36 per year.