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Sheffield's folk orchestra for young people Telephone Cath James 0114 268 0880E-mail harleyhare@folk-network.com
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The Harlequinettes are a group of enthusiastic and talented musicians. We formed in 1998, with the support of the South Riding Folk Network, as a new young people's folk orchestra, open to all musicians under 16.

We play tunes that are special to our region. Some of them date back hundreds of years. Some have been written very recently in Sheffield. All of them have a direct connection to the north of England.


The traditional tunes we use are taken from Yorkshire, Durham & West Midlands manuscript collections as compiled by Paul Davenport in the highly regarded South Riding Tune Books. The original arrangements are by our band leader Cath James. The repertoire includes dance tunes like jigs, hornpipes, polkas and slip jigs, and a slow air or two.

We have regular rehearsals in Sheffield and perform whenever we get the opportunity.We're always on the lookout for new recruits. You can come and check us out at a rehearsal with no obligation if you're thinking of joining us. You can see some pictures of us all in action, look out for Harlequin Hare!

The name arose because we originally rehearsed upstairs in The Harlequin pub (RIP) as run by Linda Greatorex, who was a great fan and supporter of the band. Linda now runs the Red House on Solly Street, another great place where musicians are always welcome.

If you're too old for the Harlequinettes and you're interested in playing these tunes, you're always welcome at the Wednesday night session at the Red House, starts 8pm, any instruments, no charge.