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Sheffield's folk orchestra for young people Telephone Cath James 0114 268 0880E-mail harleyhare@folk-network.com
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fiddles and violas  

Fiddles (violins, same thing!) are especially welcome. Historically a huge amount of folk music has been played and composed on fiddles, so it fits the instrument very well. Violas are also welcome, they're good for strong harmony playing, and cellos too, they're great for playing bass lines which are essential to the sound of the Harlequinettes.

flutes and whistles   Our music suits the flute very well too, wooden flutes are the ancestor of the metal flute and were always very popular for this music. Flutes are not only good at playing the main tunes - they sound very nice playing high counterpoint harmony parts. Our arrangements will make sure that you have the chance to have a go at both.
recorders   Recorders and penny whistles are popular instruments in school, but they are excluded from ordinary orchestras. Well, don't worry, you're welcome here! Like the flutes and fiddles, you'll sometimes play the tune, or sometimes a harmony part, it's those different parts that add a new dimension to the music and give the Harlequinettes a unique sound.
keyboards   Anyone who plays keyboards or piano is welcome, as the bass parts are ideally suited to the keyboards. Usually you'll be playing single line parts (playing one note at a time) written in the bass clef. You'll need to have access to your own electronic keyboard though, and be able to transport it to rehearsals and performances.
other instruments   Keen players of most other instruments are welcome too. The arrangements can be altered to accommodate you. Clarinets and other transposing wind instruments are welcome, though you'll need to be able to play in keys which are quite hard for a beginner. Harmony parts can be written for any keen clarinetists, to make it easier.
    Get in touch
We're very keen to get you involved so e-mail Cath or call her on 0114 268 0880 if you want to discuss the suitability of your instrument or your level of ability. Of course you can always pop down to a rehearsal and have a chat. But let Cath know that you'll be coming.