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An increasing number of books, journals and other publications relating to the folk arts are becoming available online, either in facsimile, as plain text, or coded as html pages. The major contributors are the well-funded American institutions, and these are the resources which are likely to stay put; but a significant amount of material is also provided by British universities and smaller, independent sites such as this one.

There are also a large number of websites which include collections of songs. These range from organised archive collections of field recordings, broadsides and sheet music to more fluid sites containing material copied from published or recorded sources, and reproduced in various formats, including sheet music, recordings and texts: in some cases with tunes provided in abc or midi formats. Some of these are of a high standard, while others are full of unattributed material, misinformation and errors, and should be used with caution, or avoided altogether.

Our emphasis in this section is on material relating to traditional song, but the boundaries between this and older commercial popular music are vague to say the least, so resources dealing with popular song of the 19th century and earlier are also included. Although our main emphasis is on English language material, we also include resources relating to traditions in other languages; at least where we understand sufficient of the language to be able to tell what they are. There is plenty of material still to be added; this will appear as time permits.

Note: opinions expressed in these entries are those of the compiler, and are subjective. They do not represent opinions or policy of the SRFN. While potential problems with some sites are pointed out, this is intended as a service to the reader rather than as gratuitous criticism. The effort and expense involved in making these resources available is not to be underestimated.

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A number of important song collections are indexed on the web but do not at present make materials available online. For these, see Song: indexes and finding aids.

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