Website to-do list

We have a new website, but there is still a lot of work needed to bring it to its full glory. It would be great to restore all of the archived content from the old website, some of which got lost in previous server disasters. So, I’ll maintain this list here, partly as a reminder to myself, but also so others can see what is in the offing.

  • Restore SRFN News archive.
    • Track down PDFs for issues 1-22, 27, and 30-21.
  • Port Malcolm’s Miscellany into new Library (taking care to preserve URLs, which are referenced in various printed works):
    • Classic English Folk Songs
    • Marrow Bones
    • Henry Burstow: Reminicences of Horsham
    • Sabine Baring-Gould: An Essay on English Folk Song
    • The Sheffield Christmas of Bygone Days
    • Luck-visiting in the Old South Riding
    • Postcards from France
    • The Ship in Distress” in Scandinavia
    • Dances Mentioned by Thomas Hardy in Under the Greenwood Tree
    • The Doc Rowe Collection (also needs updating)
    • Martin Carthy and “Doc” Rowe: honorary degrees (might be better as an archived news story).
    • The “Wicked Stix” Mummers’ Play (need to find the missing photo for this)
    • Michael Turner’s Waltz (midi files need finding or recreating)
  • Port the surviving Internet Resources part of the old website’s Folk Directory into the new Library.